Plastic Engineering QLD - Industry Leader

Plastic Engineering QLD is a South East QLD based machining and supplies company that service businesses throughout the country and all around the world. We pride ourselves in hitting deadlines with a quality product being delivered each and every time. There’s no job too big or too small the team at Plastic Engineering QLD.

  • We are prompt and hit our deadlines
  • We ensure a quality product is delivered with strict processes in place
  • Proven Results for Setting Exceptional Standards in cost control
  • Professional Service for Private and commercial customers
  • We have 30+ years experience and a Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction


Our mission is to provide a quality product whilst meeting a quoted deadline with cost control implemented in the same process. We let our service and products do the talking because we believe that nothing can truly demonstrate professionalism more than results themselves.

If you would like to know more about our background or even have a few questions about our team or work environment please feel free to call us on (07) 3205 2204 or email us at Transparency and trust is a key factor to our business success.


  • Do you only deal with plastic?

    No we deal in much much more! We specialize in Plastic and alloy machining which is also accompanied by material supply at a competitive rate.

  • Does Plastic Engineering QLD have a dedicated design team?

    Yes we do! We have a fantastic design team with a dedicated office and specialized equipment setup to work closely with our customers requirements and needs.

  • How long has Plastic Engineering QLD been servicing it's clients?

    We are proud to say we have been in business for 30+ years now and are working hard to continually research the market and industry to maintain our industry leader status.

  • Why should I trust Plastic Engineering QLD?

    With a long service history to thousands of clients, we always approach a new project or existing one with our clients best interests at heart. We don’t just see you as a piece of paper or letters/numbers on a database..but as real business owners with a target/objective or a dream in mind.

    Each client is just as important as the next and we strive ourselves on understanding them as this will give a true reflection of a finished product.

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